Who we are

Ankur is a no-profit. registered non-governmental organization trying to make a positive difference to the mentally challenged children and their families

Ankur school for special children by Amities Foundation is a movement dedicated for the care and rehabilitation of the under privileged special children in and around Belgaum. We take a positive step ahead as a commitment to provide an atmosphere giving them opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in sharing of gifts skills and friendship. ‘’ Ankur’’ is only one of its kind where each child is assessed separately for its needs and accordingly handled. our syllabus is carefully designed taking care the needs of these special children. so as to enable them in carrying out their routine daily chorus.

The school was started in June 2012 with 3 children and 2 staff. now we have a strength of 50 regular students. 4 specially trained teachers and 6 supporting staff are dedicatedly taking care of these children and are supported by the management in giving best facilities for the students, today within 10 years Ankur has become a well know institute in the field of special.
We treat children with various disabilities like Autism, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, ADHD, Dyslexia, Epilepsy etc.
We provide physiotherapy, speech therapy, behaviour therapy, occupational therapy dance and music therapy for the children. proper education imparted in these children have given us great result as two of our students have joined normal school.
We aim to have a full fledge residential school to provide all needs of these children. we look forward for your helping hand in this noble cause.

Objectives of the school

  1. Provide educational and vocational training to mentally challenged children.
  2. Individualized training based on periodic psychological assessments.
  3. Emphasis is on providing specialties training so that the children can become part of the main stream of the society.
  4. Provide specializes care and training for children with learning difficulties which could help them attend normal schools.
  5. Provide professional guidance and parental counselling to help rehabilitate the mentally challenged.
  6. Assist parents in understanding their children at their homes through parent discussions and counselling.


Ankur school for special children is running with its own vision and objects. we as a management and staff are working hard to achieve our goals:

  1. Own school building with all amenities to our school students
  2. A perfect residential school where parents will be rest assured of their child and his/her future.
  3. School will take entire responsibility of every student who steps in Ankur till his last.
  4. The premises would have all facilities like own
  5. Pathology centre
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Library
  8. Restaurant
  9. Well-equipped Laboratory
  10. Entire Vocational Training Unit
  11. Exhibition Centre/hall
  12. Playground with all amenities.
  13. Own Diagnostic Centre with resident Medical practioner.
  14. Training Centre for our Teaching and Non-teaching Staff.
  15. Own Open Schooling.
  16. To Provide all facilities required for Special Children.

We welcome you to strengthen our hands by helping in any of the following ways

School providing various activities during the year by which we keep our students moral always up and try to keep them cheerful and happy. These activities help our students increase there.

  • 21.000     Sponsor a child for one year school kit.
  • 500         School kit
  • 1.000       Sponsor a uniform.
  • 1.500       Sponsor Medicine for one month.
  • 1.700       Sponsor a child for one month.
  • 5.000      Education support for one year.
  • 5.000      Sponsor a Medical comp.
  • 12.000     SP Rent for one month.
  • 18.800     Sponsor only Therapies for one year.
  • 900         Sponsor 4 Therapies for one month per child.
  • 250         Speech Therapy
  • 250         Physio Therapy.
  • 200         Occupational Therapy.
  • 200         Behaviour Therapy.

Awards And Achivements

We proud to have Director/CEO like Mrs. Gayatri Y. Gawade with our Organization. Her dedicated work and efforts our School is improving in all corners. With her efforts she has awarded with followings:

  • Gaints Group 2014
  • Nidhi Group 2014
  • Swamy Vivekanda institute 2014
  • Woman’s day Bafpa Belgaum 2015
  • Kallehole village 2015
  • Rotary club 2015
  • Inner wheel Club 2015
  • Vaishywani Samaj Belgaum 2016
  • Samadevi samsthan 2017
  • Vishweshwarya technological university Belgaum 2017
  • Vaishyawani Samaj Bangalore 2018
  • Inner wheel 2018
  • Shrestra foundation 2018
  • Vaishyawani samaj Bangalore 2018
  • Make them smile foundation 2019
  • Hindalco industries limited 2019
  • Umeed award 2019
  • Anmol dhamaka award 2019
  • Women of substance 2020
  • Gaints group of belgaum sakhi 2021
  • Selfless soul award 2021
  • Vaishya wani samaj 2022
  • Karma bhumi foundation 2022
  • Hindalco industries 2023.
  • Lokpriya Janaseva Sansths 2023.


  • Sports competition.
  • Picnic Trips
  • Drawing, Music competition.
  • Fun week.
  • Yearly Exhibition
  • Celebration of yearly festivals.

Facilities We provide daily

  • Well trained and caring staff.
  • Clean & Hygienic School Environment.
  • Yoga/Meditation/Music.
  • (K.L.E Hospital)
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy.
  • Vocational training.