Annual Sports day prize distribution (26March)

"It doesn't matter if the world don't stop by. if they don't hear your cries, if they don't read your story.
It doesn't matter they don't believe in your glory.

So what, you have to begin again. Remember you have so much to gain.
Leap over that wall and let the situation spin, Because at the end, you win. And this is the time when they will all come around, Because you are the winner and you have left everybody spellbound.”

A winner is not someone who is a born winner instead a winner is someone who Put Plan to win,Prepare to win and Expect to win.

Annual Sports day prize distribution by the hands of Mrs Alka Kulkarni-(Member of Belgaum Zilla Shikshan Samiti, Councellor and Head of the Herwadkar primary school).

Umeed Sports

Event:Umeed Sports Meet For Specially Abled Children Date:11 February 2024

Look up, Get up, ...........But........... Never Give Up.

Make Them Smile Foundation and Gayatri Amities Foundation Organises Umeed sports meet for specially abled children in support with Hindalco Industries,Jaybharat Foundation and Pradeep Hosmani Sir.

School which Participated 1) Ankur School for Special Children, Belagavi. 2) Sprash Special School,Belagavi.
3)Aradhana School, Belagavi. 4)Carmel Vidhya Vikas Kendra School,Bhailhongal. 5)Samarthanam School,Belagavi

The aim and moto of the umeed sports meet was to showcase that children with a disability can live meaningful and active life.
We have come forward to celebrate their skills and talents in the form of umeed sport meet
Sports day for the disabled offers hope, encouragement, opportunity and develop compitation level among the kids.

The General Championship Trophy was awarded to Carmel Vidhya Vikas Kendra School Bhailhongal.

The participation for this event were 70 kids , We look forward for more participation for the coming years.

We would like thanks our guest who graced the occasion with their presence
1.Abhijeet Bandi (Unit Head Hindalco Industries)
2.Pradeep Hosmani (Investment Consultant)
3.Basanagouda Patil(CSR Jaybharat Foundation)
4.Anooshka Bhandi(President Ojaswinee Ladies Club Hindalco)
5.Vijay Kurankar(Builder&Developers)
6.Pradeep Tripathy(Head Finiance Hindalco Industries

Special Thanks to our Special Guest
1.Lata Bogan(National Wheelchair Basketball Player)
2.Laxmi Rayannavar(International Wheelchair Basketball Player)

We thanks Gayatri Gawade Madam and Ankur school Staff for their help and extraordinary support it would had been not possible.

We thanks our Sponsors
1.Hindalco Industries
2.Pradeep Hosmani
3.Jaybharat Foundation
4..Hotel New Uday Bhavan
5.Hajare Kitchware
6.Panchatava Foundation
7.Motherhood Hospital & Fertility Centre

Finally we thank our back bone Our donors and well wishers

Fancy dress,Rangoli,Best out of waste
and Dance Competition

Fancy dress, Rangoli, Best out of waste and Dance competitions were held at therapy park on the occasion of Republic Day. The three days event was conducted by Ankur school for all the special children of bgm.

The chief quest for the event were Nadeem Sanadi (Assistant Engineer - Belagavi Smart city limited) Mrs Sucheta Patil,Mrs Sandhya Patil,Tejal Samant, Umesh Sambhajiche
We thank all our donors, Well wishers and kids who took part in the competition.

Dance Competition

“Dance is a way to unite people in their patriotic beliefs and to express our love for our country.”

It was a proud moment to see our Ankur Angels to perform at Dance Belagavi Dance Competition organised by Lingayath Sanghatane Belagavi..It was a great achievement to be Honored by MLA Asif(Raju)Sait and MP Mangala Angadi.

Fancy Dress Competition.

The bright, airy room was filled with colour. There were about thirty people, dressed up in creative costumes. There were many pretty fairies and graceful ballerinas, along with fearsome pirates and brave superheroes. Date:25/01/2019.

Fancy dress competition held at therapy park on the occasion of 26th Jan .The three days event was conducted by Ankur school for all the special children of bgm. The chief quest for the event were Smt Smita Dalvi ( motivational speaker) Mrs Tulsa Patil ( Principal, Time Kids Preschool) We thank all our donors,Well wishers and kids who took part in the competition. 26 Jan 2023

The Talent Hunt

Make Them Smile Foundation Organized an Inter district dance competition "The Talent Hunt " show for the schools of specially Abled Children In support with Hindalco Industries Belagavi

Date 15-1-2023 Venue Hindalco Industries community Hall

A platform for specially abled children to showcase their talents Our school won 5 prizes and took the thropy of championship. Ankur Angels were at their best and all rocked the show .Our special thanks to Make Them Smile Foundation for organizing this event and giving us a platform to showcase our talent. 15 Jan 23

Drawing Competition

Every child is born creative The challenge is to keep that CREATIVITY ALIVE

Inter school drawing competition organized by Ankur school today For Special children at Savithri Phule Therapy Garden.

Sparsh cantonment school and Ankur school participated in the competition,It was a great sight seeing the kids enjoying the competition with colour and creative drawings 24/1/23

Best Out Of Waste Competition

Creativity IS MAKING marvelous out of the DISCARDED.

Inter school Best Out Of Waste competition organized by Ankur school today For Special children at Savithri Phule Therapy Garden.
Sparsh School, Cantonment school and Ankur school participated in the competition

Thank you Priyanka Mohire for giving her valuable time and judging the competition. 25/1/23

Participation in Anmol dhamaka 6 Feb 2023

Daayitvam Care Competetion

DaayitvaM Care with no reason love without expectation Program was hosted by KLE School and our Ankur Angels Participated in various competitions and won lots of prizes. 27/3/2023