My Son loves getting an opportunity to perform and express his ability. The teacher's hard work and guidance is apparent in his confident performances in various activities. Mrs Savitri, Hardworking mother of Harish (Child with Down Syndrome)

We were much worried about our daughter's next level of improvement in this pandemic situation. The learning process becomes easy. Thank you Ankur School for Special Children giving different learning experiences for the children. Parent of Yukthi Hubli

Ankur Staff don't want to be the world's best or something, They just want to be like a mother and a friend which the children's actually needs and deserves." Parents of Naman Keswani

"Gayatri Mam have a vision that no one should be unaware of the life of a children with Special Needs" - Mrs. Padama, the wonderful mother of Atharva (child with Down Syndrome)

Ankur School is on a mission to help fellow down syndrome parents help their children by sharing tips and strategies- Parents of Mayank Haldar